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It will be the exciting thing when you are going to have a garden and your garden is going to be filled with… more »

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It will be the exciting thing when you are going to have a garden and your garden is going to be filled with the fruits plants because when they can be harvested, the fruits can be enjoyed by yourself and family or they will even be able to be sold again and when it comes to plant fruits, it is always exciting because they cannot only make your home colorful but they can also be eaten for your healthy. Well, if you live in Portland, you must have known about Portland Nursery and about Portland Nursery Apple Festival held by the Portland Nursery. This kind of festival is one of the great events held by Portland Nursery so their 25th Apple tasting can be celebrated.

For you who are living in Portland, have you ever been to Portland Nursery Apple Festival? As stated in the report, this festival was held in the last 2012 during the rainy season and for them 2012 is the great year for fruit harvest and even high number of varieties of apples and pears can be tasted by whoever coming to the festival. However, not all of the apples and pears can be tasted for free because some of them are sold and they can be purchased by you with the pound in greater quantities than in years past. You were really lucky then when you were there at the time.

You are said that you are lucky when you come to the Portland Nursery Apple Festival because a new favorite fruit can even be discovered by you and a lot of plans for pies and sauces can even be heard by you and even the cider can be frozen and dried as one of the plans. The records for apple sales which can be sold over 23,000 pounds are broken in the first Saturday at the time. It then means that people will eat a lot of apple pies this fall and winter in Portland.

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Visit Portland Nursery Apple Festival

Also, the new vendors were also added along with many of the favorites that were looked forward by you and even the cooking demos were also held in the Portland Nursery Apple Festival to the back of the tasting area. Well, the festival was really different from the previous festivals held before and the changes could really be enjoyed by the people this year. Perhaps, the popular spot was asked by you, and the answer was the hard cider and the people could really be amazed by several local cider makers that the Wandering Aengus was joined by them.

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Portland Nursery Apple Festival 2012

People was amused and amazed by many things presented in the festival so it is not about tasting the apple or the other fruits but there were also many activities that were done in order to enliven up the festival. Out of the festival topic, Portland Nursery has added the new recipes for you and your favorites can even be downloaded, like Indian Apple Chutney, Pears in Ginger Sauce, Apple Cake in A Jar, Butter Lettuce and Apple Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing, Fall Vegetable Hash with Apples and Sweet Tart Red Cabbage with Apple, Mustard, and Bacon. They can be checked in its site.

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Great Portland Nursery Apple Festival

For more details whether it is about the recipe or events like the Portland Nursery Apple Festival, the site can be browsed by you. You know, planting apples can really be your favorite now. It is because there are many recipes that can be tried by you.

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